Friday, April 25th & Saturday, April 26th
Music by Mr PHX

Phoenicians Discredits the “Dry Hate” State through Stories Presented By TRUPHX

Hector Raul Primero to showcase a collaboration of original interviews at The Lab Pop-Up Gallery

Phoenix, Arizona– Respected creator, Hector Raul Primero of TRUPHX will debut his collaborative solo show on Friday and Saturday, April 25th and 26th at The Lab Pop-Up Gallery on Grand Avenue. Primero will feature photography and blog interviews from local designers, artists, entrepreneurs and activists that are making a difference in the community.

Dissatisfied with the negative imagery that has plagued Arizona, Hector Raul Primero has created a successful blog that brings forth the inspirations of the local community for “outsiders” to see. The community will have a chance to meet and greet Hector Primero, view his work on display, and have a chance to capture a photograph with the beloved PHX letters that has become the staple of TRUPHX.

 TRUPHX is a concept that was born after the frustration of negative news pertaining to SB1070, Sheriff Joe and Governor Jan Brewer. Primero in turn wanted to defy the misrepresentation by blogging interviews of “Real Phoenicians that are representing Phoenix in a positive way,” and adds “All of these people are the true people of PHX and are the change that is happening here and I want to tell their stories.”

A humble visionary of many talents, Hector Raul Primero currently works in T.V. and Film Production, is owner of Phunknfusion clothing, House Music Souldier, and active TRUPHX blogger. In addition, Primero has been honored as a nominee for Stylos Project of the Year Award for his TRUPHX concept. His most recent photography works have been featured in “Our Town” with hip historian Marshall Shore and continues to add local projects to the list.

For more information about TRUPHX please visit or contact Hector Raul Primero at

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