post photo-oct 2015First Friday
October 2
7pm -10pm
Music by M.RockaThird Friday

Third Friday
October 16

7pm – 10pm

An eclectic collection of seven female artist’s work in photography, jewelry design, reclaimed woodworking, embroidery, mixed media and painting.

Each artist has created work that best showcases their individual visual identity and artistic voice.The diversity in their personalities and artwork creates a strong group collective. Each artist has a passionate sensibility of community and belief in building ties through their work.

Robyn Rose- Mixed Media and Painting
Sally Sinor – Photography
Narcissa Segura ( Saltpeter Metals) – Jewelry Design
Kelsey Jones – Printmaking
Nicky Hedayatzadeh – photography
IZ Word – embroidery
Monica Robles- Reclaimed wood art

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