Kristina Garcia


Opening Reception
Saturday, October 25, 2014

Art exhibiting from October 25 – November 8

Artists Supporting Artists at ‘Pop-Up’ Gallery in Downtown Phoenix
ASU student to be featured as ‘artist of the month’ at community gallery

The Lab Pop-Up Gallery on Grand Avenue will feature the work of 24-year-old ASU student, Kristina Garcia, at an Opening Reception on Saturday, Oct. 25, as part of their monthly ‘community artist’ series. The show will feature a range of custom mixed media pieces, all created by Garcia, which will range from photography to string art.

“The show is a representation of what it’s like to be a 24-year-old artist,” says Garcia. “It’s important to find those reoccurring themes in your life that make you feel something. For me, it’s my dog, my cats or just sitting at home on a Friday night drinking a glass of wine and cutting paper.”

The creator of The Lab Pop-Up Gallery says that it’s a venue to give artists a place to showcase their work without great expense, while continuing to generate some much-needed visibility and public attention for the Grand Avenue arts and small business district. “We believe a pop-up gallery will bring additional creativity and a vibrant energy to the area,” said local artist and creator of the gallery, Monica Robles. “It’s really a way to showcase local artists in a nontraditional way. We feel it creates a good energy that communities need.”


All artwork featured will be open to the public for sale. Community artists interested in serving as a monthly spotlight artist at The Lab Pop-Up Gallery may contact Monica Robles at

Admission is FREE –live music and light refreshments will be available


Who is Kristina Garcia?

I am an old soul who prefers hard cover books over trashy magazines, wine over vodka, jazz over radio hip hop and actual genuine conversation over text messaging. I was raised in the Bay Area where the person with the oldest t-shirt was cool and boredom didn’t exist. I love hiking, camping and getting my hands dirty with a daisy crown on top of my head. I am addicted to traveling, meeting new people, accents, strange foods and currency I don’t understand. I believe in being a good person and doing what makes you happy.

Where do you pull inspiration for your art?

I’m always writing down ideas and things that people say or do that inspire me. I constantly have 3 notebooks on me at all times with to-do lists and words, pictures or concepts that I think could be interesting. It’s truly the little details in my life that spark most of my inspirations.

What do you hope to ‘show and tell’ the community through this show?

I hope to take people on a journey with my art. I want to ignite a curiosity to keep exploring the world around us.


You can follow Kristina on instagram @thewildthorn



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