Gabe the Great

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October 18 – 7pm to 10pm
October 19 – 12pm to 4pm
Featured Artist Gabe the Great aka Gabriel Sandoval
Comic Book Series”

Born and raised in Phoenix Arizona, Gabriel Sandoval was taken by graffiti and the street art world since the first block letters his cousin showed him as a child.  As the world of creation unfolded in his soul, street corners turned into canvases, brick walls became the essential backdrop for all his artist ideas. It didn’t take long after this first exposure for the creation of his own graphic images to become second nature.  One afternoon after playing around with a brick wall and two cans of paint, he discovered he could create nearly photo-copy-perfect reproductions of anything he saw. With this discovery his painting evolved into intricate and realistic portraits that pledge allegiance to his graffiti roots, while refusing to stumble back on anything that feels too tried or true.

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