Die Bearmy

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October 18 – 7pm to 10pm
October 19 – 12pm to 4pm
Featured artist Die Bearmy aka Tara Logsdon
“Wheel Bearrel”

Dr.Tara Logsdon rescues discarded teddy bears that are in grave need of physical and psychological repair from thrift stores. From there, long hours in the OR are spent repairing their dismembered souls and appendages. Through vision questing and surgery the patient is diagnosed to receive necessary treatment… perhaps a heart transplant to deal with abandonment issues or optical regeneration for a better outlook on life? Once the bear’s full sensory make over is complete it becomes available for adoption. When adopted it comes with a unique prescription that must be followed until it’s adapted to it’s new environment.

These adoptees are all trained soldiers in DIE bearmy. Once they re-enter the world it is their mission to combat mass production and consumption and bring awareness to the desertion of living and inanimate things.

It is the bearmy’s belief that we as people must slow down and become more deliberate with our creation and consumption to decrease the amount of abandonment in the world.

Check out her website www.bearmy.com

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