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  • About us

    customers first、meticulously make、standard management、pursuit of excellence

    Company profile

      Changchun UP Optotech (Holding) Co., Ltd (abbreviation is UP or UP Optotech) was established in June 2001, is a new and high technology enterprise by Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Technology Holding CO., LTD and other five shareholders funded.

      UP Optotech is located in Changchun optoelectronic industry park, Chinese Academy of Sciences of Changchun Science and Technology Development Zone, with a total construction area of 70 thousand square meters, the registered capital is 240 million RMB, and the total assets is 975 million RMB.

      The primary business of UP Optotech is, photoelectric measurement and control equipment, optical materials, and other products’ R&D, manufacturing and marketing; the leading products are TV goniometer, antenna pedestal, optical and mechanical subsystem of photoelectric theodolite, optical and mechanical subsystem of aviation/aerospace camera, radar antenna pedestal, new type medical testing instrument, K9 optical glasses, etc..

      There are currently more than 700 employees working at UP, after years of operation and development, the company already has powerful comprehensive advantages in the field of optoelectricity measuring and controlling, the technology and production are living in the same industry-leading position of domestic. The company has nearly 2000 sets of advanced fine mechanics, optical processing equipment and detecting instruments, dozens of key technologies in precision machining, optical material production, optical component processing and, domestic first-class in R&D and production capacity for optical precision machinery and optical materials. By virtue of technological innovation and integrated manufacturing advantages in optics and fine mechanics, UP has participated in many major national engineering missions, including the “Shenzhou” manned spacecraft.

      Since its establishment, UP Optotech adhering to the“Customers satisfaction, Precise manufacture, standardized management, striving for excellence” business philosophy, determined reform, continuous innovation, it has become one of the most important production and manufacturing bases in related fields in our country. A variety of UP products have been successfully applied to many major national projects such as manned space flight projects, and has made its due contribution to the development of space industry of China !

      Recently, UP Optotech is striving to build itself as a well-known enterprise in China optoelectronic instrument equipment manufacturing fields, making a greater contribution to the development of photoelectrical equipment manufacturing industry of our country.

      UP is willing to sincerely cooperate and work closely with all walks of life to create a bright future together!